Losing Pregnancy Weight

You may have read the news and seen the photos of Hollywood celebrities who get pregnant then lose the pregnancy weight just weeks after giving birth.  You wonder whether you could do the same.

The answer:  not as fast as you might think.  The reason why celebrity moms lose their baby weight at a quick pace is because they have trainers, stylists, personal chefs, and live-in nannies who help them deal with their new lifestyle. 

However, just because you do not have the money to have all that service does not mean you are deprived of losing post-natal weight.  Here are some strategies that you can adopt in order to lose the weight safely and permanently.

Breast feed when possible

If your body can produce breast milk, nurse your baby instead of providing your little one with bottled milk.  Nursing women actually burn about 500 calories more a day than mothers who are not breastfeeding. 

Performing breastfeeding with your child in a week could total to 3,500 calories, the amount needed to burn off a pound of fat.

Take a balanced diet

During pregnancy, you are advised to add some calories in your diet-but not necessarily "eating for two people."  Once your baby is born, you need to readjust your diet and make it more balanced. 

New mothers need a healthy diet that consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.  You can customize your eating plan depending on your age and activity level.  If you want to know your personalized eating regimen, go to mypyramid.gov.


If you did not exercise during pregnancy out of fear that it might affect your child (actually, it does not as long as you perform the right exercise), now is the time to do so.  Diet rarely works on its own when it comes to losing weight permanently, which is why you need an exercise program to back up your diet plan. 

It does not have to be a regular visit to your local gym.  You can still get the exercise you need by simply walking or biking in your area among other physical activities like swimming or performing household chores.


Stress makes the body release cortisol, a hormone known for causing people to hold on to weight, particularly in the belly.  Stress, along with sleep deprivation and lack of exercise, is another reason why diets tend to fail. 

Try to find a way to take the pressure of raising a baby off your shoulder every now and then by letting your friend babysit your child while you perform the household chores, going to a park and get some fresh air, or taking undisturbed deep breathing exercises for an hour every week.  Do not forget to sleep right.

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