Exercise During Pregnancy

Some people do not want their wives or rather themselves to engage in any physical activity during pregnancy. This practice however is being discouraged to people who are not in a dangerous state of carrying a baby. Exercise is in fact good for both the mother and child as it keeps both of them healthy. The following are some exercise guidelines with regard to pregnancy sports and exercise.

Activities with risk

Loosing a baby is the last thing a mother would want to wish or maybe not even. To make sure that the mother and the child are practically safe it is advised to limit, avoid or rather be very careful when engaging into the following activities: roller-blading, downhill skiing, horseback riding and ice skating. The said activities maybe alright with people who are expert in this form of sports. Yet again, always remember to be careful.

Activities to avoid

Water skiing, skiing at high altitude and scuba diving. These are the most reported activities to avoid by pregnant women. Several accidents have already been reported so it is highly advised for future mothers to avoid engaging into these sports for the meantime.


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