Foods That Help Suppress Your Appetite

One of the reasons why people can easily pile up excess pounds is through overeating. It can be quite a challenge to deal with especially if you always have a big appetite for food. Being able to curb down your appetite may help in reducing the amount of food you eat, which can eventually lead to weight loss. You can choose to add food into your diet that can actually help suppress your appetite. Here are some examples of such foods that you would want to consider.

An Apple a Day

You know the common saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But what most people don’t know is that an apple a day can also help keep those excess pounds away. That is because an apple can be a good appetite suppressant. The combination of soluble fiber, pectin, and high water content helps it curb one’s appetite while chewing on it. Not only that, the apple is also easy to bring along anywhere, making it ideal for dieting on the go.

Chia Seeds as Toppings

Chia seeds have become a popular food among healthy hipsters. But it actually comes with a healthy benefit. It acts as an effective appetite suppressant because of the fiber they contain. It can swell up to 9 times their size, making you feel full for hours. All you need is to sprinkle some chia seeds into your breakfast oatmeal or yogurt. That will go a long way to curb your appetite for the rest of the day.

Spicy Peppers

Hot peppers not lonely make some foods taste better, especially if you like all things spicy. But it also acts as a good appetite suppressant. The compound capsaicin gives peppers its heat, which also comes with other health benefits. When you eat something hot or spicy, it slows down your eating. You even sometimes drink a lot more fluids in order to counteract the effect of the spice. You eventually will feel full from it while consuming a bit less of extra calories from the food you eat.



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