Factors That Affect Weight Loss

Losing weight is essential health wise for people who have it in excess. It is not just a matter of doing one thing and it will all go away. There are certain factors in play when it comes to losing or even gaining weight. Having a good understanding of them will enable you to become more effective in trying to keep your weight in check.

Your Age Matters

How you gain or lose weight can sometimes be due to your age. People usually gain weight as they age. People who have otherwise healthy BMI numbers while young will gradually gain weight with age. This trend will continue up until reaching the ages of 60 to 65 years old. In addition, kids who grow up already obese will more likely have the same issues with their weight as they grow old.

Body Metabolism

Metabolism is the process that enables the body to break down energy sources like food and produce the energy the body needs in order to function.  Some people tend to have a faster metabolism compared to others. The former usually have it easy in terms of losing weight while the latter may have a more difficult time getting rid of excess weight. Generally, body metabolism rate is genetic. How fast or slow your body metabolism is may depend on the genes you inherit from your ancestors. But that does not mean that you can’t have control over it. You can actually also slow down or increase your body’s metabolism. Weight training can help you build up muscles that increase the rate your body burn calories. You can also slow it down if you follow a sedentary lifestyle over a long period of time.

Physical Activity

The rate of physical activity can also be a factor into weight gain. The more physical activity you engage in regularly, the more calories you burn. That means you tend to burn more of what you eat instead of storing the calories in your body as fat. This enables you to have more control over your weight. Less physical activity leads to higher chances of weight gain over time.



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