Why You Should Throw Away Your Skinny Jeans

skinny jeansIt is something you see on any woman’s closet.  This piece of clothing has become our generation’s corset, only worn on a different body part.  The skinny jeans have unofficially become the standard of a healthy person, as these pair of jeans can transform your lower body into slender figures.  However, if you have been struggling to fit into those tight jeans, how much dieting you need to endure? 

According to health experts, you do not have to.  In fact, they recommend throwing them away or send them to charity.  Here are their reasons why you should ditch your tight jeans.

Skinny jeans provide a false sense on body image

Skinny jeans and other one-day-I-will-fit-into-these-again clothing provide a false sense of what a healthy body should look like.  In a 2006 Talbots National Fit Study poll, more than 33% of 2,200 women surveyed admitted that they had clothes in their closet that were too small for them to wear. 

Looking at those tight jeans only becomes a constant reminder that you have not yet reached your "ideal" body size.  It may seem self-motivating at first, but this line of thinking can only lead you down on a destructive path to lower self-worth and self-esteem.  You would never realize how to embrace the person that you are today.

Your jeans of yesteryears will never fit you

Some women keep the tight jeans that they wore during their youth.  They say that such behavior is a symptom of living in the past.  You need to let go of your younger years and learn to accept yourself in the present.  Stop trying to be an innocent teenager with the clothes you wear, instead give yourself permission to start a new chapter of life as an older, wiser, and more mature woman.

Not fitting into those jeans will only make you feel bad

Even though you are making amazing progress in your weight loss, if you cannot fit into those skinny jeans, you may end up feeling like a failure.  Remember that the scales and the measuring tape, not how you fit into clothes, are true factors that would determine if you are losing weight and becoming fit.  Regardless of your size or weight, do your body good by simply living a healthy lifestyle and wear clothes that would fit your figure without much effort.

It may lead to unsafe dieting practices

Women only need to become this thin in order to fit in to those jeans.  However, struggling yourself into having those jeans fit may lead you to unsafe dieting practices.  Some women tend to strive for a weight that is too low, which would make them resort to extremes in order to reach it.

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