The Overweight Denial Issue

Overweight WomanMany people have heard about the dangers behind certain weight related disorders such as anorexia. Such psychological disorders may stem from a common ideal of many women to become thin. It can go so far as to create an extreme perception of what "thin" can be. It becomes a case of a distorted self-perception that can easily get out of hand if not addressed at the right time.

In the same way, the same perception may also occur in some overweight people. There can be some overweight individuals who may have become so disillusioned about their own weight that they fail to see their actual situation. According to British author Sara Bird, author of the book "Fatorexia: What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?", may overweight people can go so far as to deny that they are overweight. It can go so far as some people having the perception that they are still considered "thin".

In what the author termed as "fatorexia", many overweight people develop ways to reinforce their perception that they are not fat. This may include:

  • using hand mirrors to check on appearance rather than full-length ones

  • effective use of clothes and accessories to hide away the overweight figure

  • using other alternative means to resolve weight issues rather than stepping on a weighing scale for a reality check

It may be puzzling to some that such cases happen and that there are people who may deny that they look fat and overweight. But studies also seem to back up this interesting fact. A study published on the British Medical Journal found out that about a quarter of obese and overweight people do not view themselves as fat. Some may consider themselves normal and might deny that they have a weight problem.


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