How To Avoid Binge Eating

We cannot deny the fact that the foods we crave for aren’t the healthy treats that are good for us. Rather, our cravings are that of foods that are high in sugar and fats and carbohydrates-the perfect combination for weight gain.

But do you know that you can actually minimize your cravings for the so-called forbidden foods provided that you control your cravings, which is initially formed in the brain and not in the tummy?

Here are a few tips to make you feel less deprived even when you’re on a strict diet:

Wise up on snack choices

Loading up on fatty, salty, and sweet foods may not be good for you, but doing away with these things altogether is also not good for you. The idea is to create a balance between the foods you want to eat and the foods you can eat.

You can do this by eating the healthy foods that you should eat while stashing it with some tinge of the flavors you want, just to add some taste to it and to satisfy your cravings as well.

Schedule your splurges

Food cravings when you have your period is quite common because it is during this time that your body craves for junks and sweets. But don’t give in too much to these urges.

Consume a small amount of the food you’re craving for when it’s your time of the month but be sure to make up for it by cutting down on certain "bad foods" after the end of your period. This way, you are actually losing the pounds you might have gained when you gave in to your urges.

Mind over matter

Some cravings are only in the mind, so just wait it out. Find other things to do, keep yourself busy and these urges will pass. Therefore you wouldn’t have to give in to your urges.

Give in… sometimes

Do not overdo your diet. Indulge in eating the food you want to eat sometimes, although on a smaller portion only) and make that meal worthwhile and satisfying. The purpose behind this is for you to feel relaxed and happy because you followed your diet while indulging in the delectable foods that you’ve been wanting to feast on for days.

Sticking to your diet is as important as the type of diet you’re following. But what matters most is that you do not cheat on the diet you think best fits you. To do this, loosen the rein on yourself sometimes. Diets should be followed but not to the extent that the lack of the taste of certain foods on your tongue will haunt you and control you each day.


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