Effective Goal Setting for a Successful Achievement

write a journalGoal setting is more than just scribbling notes on a piece of paper. It is like a road map, where you need focus to complete the journey at the right direction. These seven simple steps could be your way to become a navigator to the goals of your life.

A goal is something that you really want – A goal is not just something that sounds good. It is very important to remember that your goals must be consistent with your core values.

A goal does not contradict to any of your other goals – You cannot buy a million dollar house if you only earn $50,000 a year. Such non-integrated thinking would sabotage all the hard work you put in setting your goals. Continually strive to eliminate contradictory ideas in your head.

Develop goals in six areas of your life – Our lives have six areas: Family and Home; Spiritual and Ethical; Social and Cultural; Financial and Career; Physical and Health; and Mental and Education. Setting a goal in each area of your life ensures a better and balanced living. It also helps in eliminating non-integrated thinking.

Write you goal in a positive – Work for what you want, not for what you want to leave behind. Focusing on your goals creates a set of instructions to your subconscious, and it does not judge what is right or wrong. Writing down positive goals can carry out positive actions and results.

Write your goal out in complete detail – It is not just writing down "a new home." Describe how big a house you want to get, how many rooms, bathrooms. Does it have a swimming pool, a walk-in closet, a hi-def TV? We are giving a detailed set of instructions for our subconscious to work on. Visualize your goal and guide your subconscious through it.

By all means, make sure your goals are high enough – Shoot for the moon. If you miss it, you can still aim for the stars. If you fail to reach your ultimate goal, everything that you do in achieving that goal would make you a better person.

Most importantly, write down your goals – Writing down your goals creates a road map to your journey of success. It gives your subconscious a starting position. It is also extremely important to review your goals every now and then. The more focused you are on your goals, the more likely you are to accomplish them. If you need to revise a goal, do not take it as a failure, but rather as a victory because you had the insight to realize that something else is better for you.

FORWARD Steps Towards Your Goals

After having written down your goals, now what?

Ways to achieving ones goal range from an easy breeze to a rocky, obstacle-filled road. Here are some paths that you can take in keeping your journey to success move forward.

Do not freely share your goals with others – Even the best of friends and family members can bring out the negative energy that you do not need. Pessimist reactions and other negative attitude can drag you down quickly. However, you can tell your goals to people whom you believe are instrumental in helping you achieve your goals.

Keep positive thoughts in your head – Always remind yourself of the positive. Continue to talk to your head that you can reach your goals no matter what.

Review your goals daily – It is a crucial part of achieving your goals. Make it a daily routine by reading it every day after waking up.

Visualize your goal – As you read your goals, see yourself in a new house, walk your way into a new office, rub your fingers with the cash that you would earn. Don’t forget to repeat the process before you sleep in order for your negative thoughts are replaced with positive reinforcements.

Ask your progress – Every time that you make a decision, ask yourself if it would take you closer to goal. If yes, then you have made the right decision. If it will take you farther from your goal, you know what to do.

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