Diet Motivation Tips For Success

Staying on the right path when it comes to dieting can be a long and arduous road especially when the side of the road offers some tempting chocolate. Suddenly the road to hell is paved with all fattening foods that you have been salivating for. Here are some tips to stay on the side of the angels.

Choose the diet that works for you

Well you’re not going to want to stick to a diet that’s going to make you miserable for the next months. If you feel that you need a structured diet (i.e. Strict to the point you can’t do anything else) the you’re more than welcome to count calories and fat grams. If you want a more relaxed way of losing weight then you may have to look elsewhere.

Make it part of your lifestyle

Diets are really for the short-term basis. Lifestyle changes, including daily exercise, a healthier diet and smaller portions are long term solutions. If you’ve been used to eating one way then you aren’t going to be motivated enough to stay on the diet. That cheesecake is too good to pass up? Then you have to learn to eat in moderation, and deal with stress in another non-food related way or you are going to be gaining the pounds you worked so hard to lose.

Live by the rules or die trying

Have a set of eating rules to live by. These rules can help you monitor the portions you eat, the types of food you order and the allowances you can allow yourself.

Get other involved

You don’t have to go through the pain of dieting all alone. In fact you really shouldn’t do so. Having someone who can relate to your pain can be the best type of motivation. Why is that? For starters, positive peer pressure can be one of the most powerful motivators around. It’s tougher to quit when someone else is counting on you. In fact, with a team that’s pulling for you, it’s less likely that you’ll want to quit.

When you involve others, you have access to more knowledge, more ideas, more enthusiasm, and more resources. Bicyclists and race car drivers are finding out that they need teammates looking out for them if they have any chance at all of winning. You can take advantage of the same benefits.

Remember to reward yourself

Most people approach weight loss from a position of "pain". They constantly nag themselves, berate themselves and expect nothing but perfection, no matter how much progress is made. Tools of the trade are guilt, doubt, shame and self-flogging.

Instead of celebrating the 24 pounds they’ve lost, they see the 6 they still haven’t lost. Sound familiar? To people used to beating themselves up, it may seem like the best way to get motivated. But consider this: if you attempted to motivate an employee like that, how long do you think they’d stick around? How successful would they be?

Let’s do it differently this time. Try to approach your weight loss from a position of "possibilities" instead. Find ways to use regular rewards to pat yourself on the back and give a word of encouragement.

Instead of focusing on what you do wrong, try paying more attention to what you do right. While straight talk and brutal honesty are often good for getting your butt moving, for sustained motivation, the positive approach will keep you from burning out.

Appreciate who you are today

There is a lot of self-loathing that goes on in the head of a dieter. Many of us eat for entertainment, or as a coping mechanism.We become angry with ourselves for letting ourselves gain weight. We often don’t take the time we should with our appearance.

What does it matter, right? If you are dragging around in pants that are two sizes too small, or two sizes too big, or stretched out men’s teeshirts, or constantly wearing yoga pants or sweats, here’s my advice:take a friend who will be honest, and go shopping.

You need to have a couple of fresh outfits that fit you and flatter you at your current weight. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune – just a new pair of jeans and a few fresh teeshirts can be enough to change your whole outlook.

Expect some failure

Rules were made to be broken, and sometimes you just need some cheesecake.If you fall off the dieting wagon, never fear. Once you surface from your sugar-coma, acknowledge that you overdid it, and take note of how your body feels.

That sluggish feeling that follows overeating isn’t a good one.  Rather than punishing  yourself with more overeating, or a drastically sparse day featuring only iceberg lettuce, take a deep breath and go back to the planned menu.

Set small goals and celebrate each one

When you have lots of weight to lose, the thought of all those pounds can discourage even the peppiest of optimists. Don’t focus on the entire 50 pounds you have to lose. You’ll only discourage yourself by looking ahead at all the work you have to do.

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