Surprising Foods That Help You Lose Weight

shutterstock_20065717Losing weight can be very challenging for many people. It does not help that people need to follow strict diets eating foods that are not always enjoyable to eat. But there are also healthy alternatives that some people may find surprising as a weight loss food. Here are some of them.

All-Natural Peanut Butter

When you think of peanut butter, you may instantly think that it is not good weight loss food because of the fats. But if you are talking about all-natural peanut butter, then it is something else. All-natural peanut butter contains the healthy type of fats that is good for your heart. It also contains a compound called piceatonnol, which blocks the formation of fat cells. In short, when you eat all-natural peanut butter, it helps you in losing weight instead of gaining it.

String Cheese

String cheese is another surprising weight loss food that you can try out. What makes it an ideal candidate is that it does not contain carbohydrates. It is mostly all protein and contains fiber that also helps you feel fuller for a bit longer when you eat it. Although it may be a bit high in calories, it helps that it makes you feel full longer and after eating only a serving or two.

Black Pepper

Although you do not eat black pepper per se, it is also a good fat buster. Black pepper contains compounds that help block out the formation of fat cells. Using it as part of your meals all the time can help you fight off fat with less effort. It can even add flavor to your vegetables when you eat them.


For snacks, you may want to consider eating popcorn may be a welcome alternative. Surprising as it may sound, popcorn may actually help you lose weight by not depriving you of indulging in snacks to enjoy but without the guilt. Even with using some oil, popcorn may be a good snack to have because it is filling with its fiber content and is something that you can really enjoy eating. Around 3 cups of popcorn comes only with 100 calories. Studies also show that its hull comes with more antioxidants as well.


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