Moving from a Diet to a Way of Eating

You’ve been told a lot of times before: "Make your new way of eating a part of your life." "One of the major reasons you regain weight is that you go back to your old habit of eating." "Don’t think of it as ‘dieting’, but as a ‘way of eating’." Easy to say, hard to do. So how can you move yourself from "dieting" to a "way of eating"? Here are some tips to help you direct on this path.

Find your carb level

Carb reduction means that you will eventually find the carb level that will keep you at your best – low hunger, high energy, stable blood glucose, and lowest sustainable weight. Once you figure out your correct carb level and you start feeling the right amount of carbohydrate your body requires, you are on the right path to understand low carb eating as a way of eating.

Accept your body’s "special needs"

It would be very difficult at first to skip the foods you are accustomed to devouring – cake, pasta, crouton, etc. But eventually, moderate eating of foods rich in carbohydrates would just be a part of your life. Sure, it is a bummer to ignore those mouth-watering brownies. But once you see your body’s special needs and accept them, everything will be easy. Plus, you do not have to spend much money or have to go under the knife.

De-Carb comfort foods

Of course, it is impossible to stay away from comfort foods. You need to indulge sometimes, but look for low carb healthy substitutes. You may want to search for low carb forums on the Internet and ask for suggestions from friendly people who will love to talk to you about low carb foods.

Learn healthy cooking

If healthy cooking for you means sweating it out in front of the stove, then you might be surprised to know that so many healthy and delicious meals can be cooked in a few minutes. All you need is a few easy-to-learn cooking skills.

One of the rules of thumb in cooking is "the simpler, the better." You can start by cooking your favorite food, and get good at it. And then explore other health foods to cook. Cooking is a relaxing and creative activity, thus also fostering a healthy mind.

Dismiss the terms "falling off the wagon" and "cheating"

So, are you falling off the wagon or cheating when your partner take you out for a dinner? Of course, not. Low carb is just the way you eat. But this does not mean that you cannot be flexible in any diet. Do not feel guilty and blame yourself. Just make sure that you will not get too flexible.

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