Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

The New Year is the best time to change or improve on ourselves. Clinical psychologist Mark Crawford from Atlanta, Georgia says "almost everyone has something he or she would like to change or improve" Common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight and becoming healthier, putting financial affairs in order, making more money and spending more time with one’s family.

However, Crawford says "… succeeding is another story."

The reason why people can’t succeed in keeping their resolutions is because according to Crawford, "they set themselves up by setting resolutions they really don’t think they’re going to keep," he said.

This is why Crawford suggests that people should not make resolutions that they think they won’t be able to keep because it only sets them up for future failure.

It is natural for people to make mistakes or to "slip". To combat these "slips," Crawford suggests using "slip-ups" to change your track and find out what you need change. "Never use it as an excuse to give up your goal or abandon your resolution" adds Crawford.

To help you succeed in keeping your resolutions, Crawford offers the following tips:

Be specific with your goal

Crawford suggests do not just say, "I want to lose weight," rather say, "I want to lose 10 pounds in 6 months."

Set a realistic goal

For instance, let’s say you weigh about 140 lbs. You can’t say "I want to weigh 100 pounds by the end of this month." That would be nearly impossible.

Establish a set of steps

Crawford suggests creating a set of steps to reach your goal. For instance you can put in things like, eating more fruits, eating smaller portions, exercising, etc.

Set a specific time frame

Most people can’t even make it past January before they drop their resolutions. Crawford suggests setting a goal for a couple of weeks, then stop to check how you are doing. If you think you are doing well, continue with what were doing. If not then, figure out what you think you are doing wrong.

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