Control Impulse Eating

Woman EatingOne way to become more effective in dieting is by being able to control the impulse to eat. Although this might not be as easy to do, there are ways that you may be able to control the impulse to eat. Here are some of the ways to do it.

Eat protein and fiber together.

Eating foods that are rich in fiber and protein may help give you that feeling of fullness to help you resist the impulse to eat more. Fiber is a good water absorbent and can expand the stomach to make it feel fuller. The protein on the other hand, takes more time to digest compared to fat or carbohydrates. This can help keep the feeling of fullness longer. Eating foods such and lentils, beans and protein rich whole grain cereals would help make this possible.

Keep Track Of Cravings

In most cases, one’s cravings seem to come at the same time each day. The body may seem to have a schedule where it may crave certain foods especially if one follows the same eating habits regularly. Anticipating when these cravings usually come and then trying to eat healthier food choices to keep them in control will help you avoid falling for them.

Distract Your Cravings

Most cravings can also be battled through willpower. How motivated you are to keep your food intake in check would help you get over food cravings when they come. This mindset will help you become stronger in fighting the temptation to eat. If the cravings become too overwhelming sometimes, the best option would be to distract it by going for a walk outside and remove yourself from a situation where you might be easily tempted to eat.

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