4 Steps to Kick-Start Weight Loss

Weight loss does not have to be difficult. According to Fitness instructor Wendy Chant, it’s the "few simple things" we do that can "kick"start" our weight loss program. Here are her 4 ways to get you started.

Hit the reset button

When your program isn’t going well or if you hit a plateau, common sense would tell you to stop doing what’s not working. It you have been trying your best and the scale appears to be stuck, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, start all over again.

Treat the next day as day 1, again. Take this time to study your program. Do not see it as a failure, but rather, as an opportunity to reevaluate your current program for minor boo-boos.

Write it down

According to fitness guru Wendy Chant, the best way to start over is to go back and write down everything that you ate for the past few days. Whether or not you did it when you first started your program, do it (again) this time. Sometimes we focus so much in the little things that we lose sight of the more important ones – letting bad habits slip, forgetting that some of the foods you eat have more fat grams, sugar, and calories than two meals combined. It’s these things that can destroy everything you’ve hard for.

Give it up

During the reevaluation of your plan (step 2), if you notice that some foods you eat pack more calories than you originally thought, you’ve probably caught your weight-loss culprit. Drop the offending food and start all over. Do everything the same, and one by one eliminate or substitute one item at a time until you see progress as the weeks go by.

Switch things up

One of the things that can screw up your weight loss program is routine. When the body gets used to your routine, it becomes inefficient at burning calories. This is what Chant calls the Law of Adaptation.

Prevent your body form adapting to your routine by switching things up. Switch your pace, duration; even your meal times to keep your metabolism active, and keep fitness goals right on track.

Now all you have to do is keep an eye on these little things and your weight loss program should be right as rain.

Source: diet.com


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