Smart Shopping for Teens

Shopping is one of the leisure activities that many teens enjoy. But it is important that they learn how to shop in a smart way? Smart shopping has something to do with budgeting your time, knowing which food is healthy for you, and being responsible when it comes to shopping.

Being at the right place, at the right time

24-hour supermarkets come convenient when you think you need to stack your fridge with food. However, you just don’t go there whenever you like. You have to decide at what time you should be shopping and which food to pick.

Never shop when you are hungry

The reason behind this is that you may get tempted to pick unhealthy food just to satisfy your hunger. Those tasty treats can ruin your diet. So make sure you get to fill your stomach with healthy food before hitting the supermarket.

Go for supermarkets that fit your preferences

If you are a vegetarian, go for a supermarket that caters to vegetarians. If it is salad you prefer the most then go for a salad bar. One thing that you have to remember when it comes to shopping is convenience.

Avoid rush-hour shopping

This does not mean shopping at the last minute. This means that you have to do your shopping when there are not enough people going in the supermarkets. Typical peak-off shopping hours are between 5 to 7 PM or weekend mornings and evenings.

Making a list and using it

Before you step in the supermarket, make sure you have a shopping list with you. Yet having a list is not enough. You have to be mindful of what you have to pick. In other words, think like a chef. A chef will always choose the best fish or the freshest vegetables and fruits in the supermarket.

Being aware of the labels

Foods are labeled according to the different nutrients it contains. You must not just go for a product just because it says it is fortified with vitamins and minerals. You have to know what kind of nourishment you will be getting from them as well. Here are some examples of product labels in the supermarket

  • Healthy
  • Free, like sugar-free
  • Good source
  • Low cholesterol
  • Low sodium
  • Low or reduced fat
  • Light or lite

Getting the most from the food you buy

Now that you know that preparing a complete shopping list, deciding which food to buy, and which time is best to shop, here are some other tips that may help you: As much as possible, buy enough food that can last for about a week before you shop again. Wash the vegetables and fruits as soon as you get home from shopping. Cook some food in advance to save you having to prepare them when you have a busy schedule.

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