Mandatory School Physical Activity Issues

Kid ExerciseObesity has become a serious problem among young people today. With more and more children following more sedentary lifestyles with less and less physical activities and regular exercise coupled with a preference for fast food, it is no wonder why more and more American kids are getting fatter at such a young age. This may be a reason why some American states are now trying to add mandatory physical activities that kids at school should follow regularly.

Senate Bill 210

The State of Ohio is pushing for legislation that would bring at least 30 minutes of vigorous physical activities in schools for kids. The proposal is awaiting final approval at the Ohio house and may be implemented by 2011 in Ohio schools.

Bill Provisions

Some of the provisions on this Ohio legislation may require schools to establish body mass index and weight status screening for the students, of which parents of the kids may choose to opt out of the program. Schools may also be required to undergo 30 minutes of physical activity before and after school. Another provision may allow schools to offer school breakfast programs and require Physical Education teachers hired after July 2013 to become licensed to teach the subject.

Good Or Bad?

There may be quite different opinions regarding the new legislation concerning mandatory physical activities at school. Although it may be a welcome change for kids who have grown accustomed to a less physically active lifestyle, there might be other concerns that may come up.

Some kids may not like such things being forced upon them, no matter how good it may be for their own health. The same may go with some parents who might think that some of their responsibilities may be undermined by the school. Some may even question on what schools may consider as "healthy" when it comes to the breakfast that the schools may serve.

The debate over this issue may still be up for grabs. But with more and more young kids getting obese and unhealthy, a more serious look at the issue is needed. The mandatory physical activity for kids may just be the move that is needed to jump start things for kids to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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