Eat This, Not That! for Kids

This helpful article provides information about Eat This, Not That! For Kids.  To address the growing problem of childhood obesity, the original authors published a special version of Eat This, Not That.  Kids nowadays are given a lot of food choices and lesser physical activities, which causes them to grow fatter and more obese.  The kid's version of Eat This, Not That also includes a list of the worst foods for kids.

The very popular "Eat This, Not That!" Diet now has an extended version specifically aimed at children, especially with rising cases of childhood obesity and diabetes in the many countries.

The gist

"Eat This, Not That!" focuses on getting adults to make smarter choices when it comes to eating and dining out.  And with more and more children becoming obese and prone to diabetes, the authors of this eating program-David Zinczenko at Matt Goulding-published a pediatric version to help parents improve the health and eating habits of their children.

The kids version of Eat This, Not That! has detailed analysis and nutritional tips about thousands of popular food choices for kids.  And just like its parent diet plan, it covers the best and worst options available at the most popular restaurants in the country as well as in supermarkets. 

This information is solely based on nutritional content, not withstanding how the foods would taste like.  Important chapters to read include its restaurant guides that rate chain restaurants on their healthy and kid-friendly food options, as well as a chapter about the importance of fitness and physical activity.

It also includes a list of the worst kid meals in America, the foods that your children should eat everyday, a dos and don’ts of the soda and juice beverages among others.

Advantages and disadvantages

The first edition of Eat This, Not That! is a best-seller that swept across the United States.  And just like the first version, the Eat This, Not That! For Kids contains important information on eating habits and available food choices, only this time they are customized for children. 

It also has suggestions and tips that kids can easily incorporate into their daily plan.  And while parents provide their young kids better food options to keep them healthy, older children can use this as a guide in keeping a fit body without going through the pressures of eating disorders.

What is the disadvantage of this guide?  There are none, really, although it does not provide a specific plan that kids should follow, as the book only provides options and not what to eat in a day that other diets provide.  On the good side, however, forcing children how many calories and amount of fat they should eat everyday may frustrate them.

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