Weight Lifting Diet

People who want to lose weight either diet or exercise, but most of the time they fail to do both. If you exercise a lot–whether strength training, bodybuilding, or overall fitness–you should know that what you eat is important in increasing your strength and enhancing your workouts. A proper diet works as a fuel to every workout.

Think about it, you lift weights to achieve defined, stronger muscles. That means you have to eat the right type and amount of foods for a more optimum results. But what should you do? Eat more or less calories? Cut off the fat or keep it steady?

One of the most essential nutrients for weight lifters is protein and lots of it. You need to consume at least a gram of protein per pound of body weight everyday to keep your muscles grow properly. Protein is found not only in meats (whether beef, pork, chicken, fish, and game), but also in egg whites. It can also come from supplements like whey and soy protein, which is used by many bodybuilders. Just make sure to read the supplement’s label and make sure they are not packed with sugars and other unnecessary fillers.

Another critical factor in weight lifting diet is carbohydrates. While you need to trim off your consumption of fat, this should not be the case in carbs. Your muscles need carbohydrates as its source of energy. With intense, sweat-busting workouts, you definitely need more carbs to keep your body going. And not just any carb, you need to eat plenty of complex carbohydrates found in whole grain breads, oatmeal, and pasta.

Rounding up your diet plan are vitamins and minerals found in green vegetables and fresh fruits. Do not forget some dairy products like milk and cheese for additional protein and healthy fats for your body, making sure you stick to low-fat (not non-fat) varieties.

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