Pre-Workout Meal May Boost Your Weight Loss

A new study has made fitness experts realize that it is not just how much you eat that matters when it comes to losing weight during exercise, but also what kind of foods you should consumer before working out.

The study, which was funded by Mars UK (a food and candy company) and published in the May issue of The Journal of Nutrition, states that women who ate a breakfast rich in low-glycemic index such as muesli, yogurt, and skimmed milk, burned 50 percent more fat after working out compared those who ate high-glycemic index carbohydrates.  Food items that have high-glycemic index are known to cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

What made this research more interesting was that instead of using male endurance athletes as subjects, which have been used in previous studies involving high-glycemic index versus low-glycemic index, the study used women of typically healthy weight and the results yielded the same.

The findings have further solidified the theory that meals rich in low-glycemic carbohydrates may boost the body’s use of body for burning calories rather than for blood sugar.  And although both meals used in the study totaled about 265 calories, the research team noted that the low-glycemic meal contained more fiber. 

Other low-glycemic index foods include whole grains, porridge, whole grain cereals, soy, and linseed bread.

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