Eating Well and Stay Active

Teens should eat well in order to do well in sports. What teens follow in their everyday diet may help affect how they perform in their sport of choice. A sports diet is not just simply a matter of taking on the necessary carbs or drinking the best sports energy drink around. There is actually more to it than that.

Eating Extra Calories

Basically, teens engaged into sports and the less sporty types follow a different type of diet. Sports usually have teens expending energy and effort. This requires enough calories to burn. In effect, sports conscious teens usually need to take in additional calories that would help fuel their sports performance as well as their development. Highly active teens usually require 2,000 to 2,500 calories daily to meet their energy requirements.

When teens do not eat enough calories to fuel their active needs, they usually fail to achieve peak performance. It would even aid in breaking down the muscles instead of helping them develop. Eating enough calories helps avoid such things from happening.

Variety is Key

When people talk of calories, they usually think that it is just carbohydrates mostly. But in the case of teen engaging in sports, it takes more than just loading on carbs to perform well. Carbohydrates may be an important source of fuel for the body, but it usually takes a variety of foods that would help improve peak performance for longer periods. Foods being consumed should be a proper mix of carbs, proteins and fats to always stay in peak form.

Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Getting the right vitamins and minerals can also help teens obtain peak performance. Calcium helps to build strong bones to avoid stress fractures. Iron helps increase the capacity of blood to bring oxygen into the muscles. Some teens may forget taking in such nutrients regularly and may suffer for it in terms of their performance in sports. It can be as easy as drinking milk regularly for calcium and eating lean meat or green leafy vegetables to obtain one’s iron needs.

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