How to Make the Perfect Shopping List

When shopping, most people get by without some sort of list. That is why most people always go way over budget. Or buy the same stuff everytime. Or buy stuff they do not need. Of course we know the answer is to make a list. But making the perfect list is something that will be even more helpful to you.

Plan your meals

Flip through some of your cookbooks or magazines. Or watch tv. Pick out recipes for you and your family. This way, you’ll curb impulse buying.

Create master list

Check your grocery receipts from about four weeks ago. From there you will see what items should be your kitchen "staples" and what items you have been buying repeatedly. It’s a good idea to put it on display some place where you can easily check on it, like your fridge or your cupboard.

Eat before you shop

It is a good idea to not be hungry while doing your grocery shopping, because if you are, you will have the tendency to grab anything that looks good to eat, and are most likely overspend.

Organized shopping

This suggestion is old and worn, but it still a good idea to follow. Organizing your grocery shopping, aisle by aisle, saves time and effort.

Colorful shopping

One way to guarantee variety and is to buy different colors of fruits and vegetables. Not only will you have a wide selection to choose from, you are also virtually guaranteed to get different nutrients.

Stick to your list

It has been reported that without a grocery shopping list, shoppers are most likely to overspend about 30% on impulse buys.

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