How to Eat Well On a Budget

We all know that being healthy can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways for you to eat well and not go beyond your budget.

Making smart food choices

Consider how you spend your money on food. Do you spend money on junk foods? Do you eat out a lot? To save money on food, limit or cut out unnecessary food spending. Here are a few ways to go about it:

  • Spending money on junk food – assess how much money you are spend on soda, chips, cookies, crackers, ready-to-cook meals, processed foods, etc. You can limit – or totally cut out – these unhealthy foods.
  • Eat out less – reducing the number of times you eat out to at least 1-2 times a week can help you save as much as $15-25 a week. You may even have some extra cash to spend on higher quality foods.
  • Stick to your grocery list – having grocery list reduces your tendency to make impulse purchases.
  • Cook large portions ahead of time – cooking large servings of food saves time and money. You’ll prepare it only once but you’ll be serving it several times. An idea is to make a huge pot of soup at the start of the week. Then, when you don’t feel like cooking, you can help yourself to a bowlful of soup with a green salad.

Smart shopping

You typical grocery store is not the only place to buy food. There are other options that you might not be aware of that offer quality foods at much lower prices. These other venues include:

  • Discount stores – warehouse or club stores offer amazing bargains. Seasonal produce is particularly cheaper at these stores, as are foods like boneless, skinless chicken breast and reduced fat cheese. These stores usually offer very large portions so make sure you plan ahead about how you will use all of the food. it helps to freeze the food in smaller, more manageable containers or containers.
  • Farmers’ Markets – many towns and cities regularly host Farmers’ Markets wherein local farmers bring their goods and wares to open-air markets usually, and sell fresh foods directly to consumers. If you go towards the end of the market, some venders offer their perishable goods at a discount.
  • Ethnic Markets – many ethnic markets offer impressive yet affordable fruit and vegetable selections, as well as other products.
  • Purchase generic or store brands – generic brands offer products that are of the same quality as some name brands for a lesser price.
  • Buy in bulk



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