Signs Of Consuming Too Much Sodium

Sodium is an essential mineral the body needs to function. Primarily, sodium is linked to control of fluid balance in the body. It is also essential in sending nerve impulses that can affect muscle function. But while it is essential, consuming too much of it can also have a drastic effect on your overall health. But many people may not always be aware that they are consuming more than the average of their daily sodium needs, which should not be more than 2,300mg. For those unaware, looking out for these signs may help you know if you have too much sodium in your body.

Body Swelling

Bloating in some areas of your body may be a result of too much sodium.  This mineral can cause your tissues to hold on to more fluids than they usually do, which leads to swelling. While bloating may also be a sign of an underlying health condition, it is commonly a result of excess sodium in the body.

Brain Fog

Excess sodium can also have an effect on brain function. Too much sodium can cause memory and cognitive problems as shown by several studies done on mice. This may be a result of the excess sodium doing damage to the blood vessels that bring blood to the brain. This may further cause the slight reduction of blood reaching the brain, which can eventually affect its normal function.

Frequent Thirst

Too much sodium in the body can lead to increasing thirst. The reason for this is because excess sodium can mess up the balance of fluid in the body. Your brain will then send signals to your body to crave for more water in order to restore the sodium balance in your cells.


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