Organic or Conventional Food

organic veggiesMore people starts to value eating vegetables and fruits more than red meat and others due to the fact that it is healthier to consume more than any other food. Nonetheless, even these foods are still subject from pesticides and other chemicals that maybe harmful to our health. Hence, several professionals worked at raising organic vegetables and fruits which is subject to lesser chemical exposure.

Many argue that the amount of vitamins one gets from organic is pretty much the same with the conventionally raised fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, no study found that the said statement is true.

Yet again, according to the research made by the United States Depart of Agriculture it has been noted that organic foods are indeed produced without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers. Hence, organic foods at this point has more advantage as it is very much safer to eat.

Nonetheless be it organic or conventional it is still important to have ourselves at least five servings of vegetables and fruits everyday. In case however that there are no available organic food to consume it is best to stick to the following healthy guidelines at reducing risk of exposing our body to toxins.

  • Always makes sure that the vegetables and fruits are carefully washed so to remove any pesticides.
  • Peeling outer layer of the fruit can also be a good way of evading toxins. Yet, mind that you might be missing a lot of vitamins stored in the fruit’s outer layer.









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