Nutritional Benefits of Kale

kaleKale is a green leafy veggie that is packed with nutrients making it beneficial to one’s health. It also has phytochemicals in it which makes it an ideal food in fighting off cancer.

Nutrients found in kale

Kale is a good source of calcium, iron, lutein as well as vitamins like A, K, E and C. It has seven times more beta-carotene and ten times more lutein than that of broccoli. Additionally, it has high sulfur content, making it beneficial in the getting rid of unwanted chemicals within the body.

Sulforaphane and indoles are the phytochemicals found in kale. These are good in warding off cancer. Moreover, sulforaphane is good in promoting body detoxifications and in clearing away carcinogenic substances.

How is kale beneficial in detoxifying the body

The formation of sulforaphane happens when it is chopped or chewed just like any other cruciferous vegetable. Experts say that once this happens, the liver produces enzymes that trigger the detoxifying process. In a study, it has been said that sulforaphane is also best in preventing breast cancer.

Kale originated in Asia and has been around for centuries. It belongs to the cabbage family and can be added in salads since the small, tender leaves of the kale are sweet.


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