Food to Enhance Your Libido

chocolatePeople intend to increase their libido either because they want to have a better performance on bed with their partners or they just have a low sex drive. For any reason, that we intend to increase our libido mind that there are many options being offered at our table these days and it is just a matter of choice that the desire that you want will occur. Nevertheless, as cliché as it may sound experts say that nothing beats the natural.

Increase your libido the natural way through taking the natural aphrodisiacs. Chocolate, raw oysters, bananas, eggs, liver, garlic, figs and celery are one of the many common foods that may increase one’s sex drive. Try munching on them first before going under the knife with your nearest doctors or rather take some pills. Healthy foods are always pain free, healthy and does not cost bad.

Raw Oysters is one of the most famous aphrodisiac in the world. It has a high amount of Dopamine Hormone that enables to increase the testosterone in ones body which helps men in boosting their sexual performance and stability.

Celery contains Androsterone a type of odorless hormone that men secretes wherein women loves the most. This food is called to be the most fantastic food for increasing one’s sex drive.

Figs is rich in Amino Acid which also helps in increasing someone’s libido and sexual stamina. The people who are rich in Amino Acids does not only want to have more sexual intimacy with they partners often times but they will have a lasting sexual stamina as well.

Chocolate is seemingly at par with Raw Oysters in ranking as the richest and most popular aphrodisiac in the world. It provides chemicals such as Phynylethylamine and Theobromine that promotes the level of one’s libido while providing the person the feeling of euphoria after eating the said food.


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