Common Food Myths

There are many things about food that people easily believe. It is another thing to believe in something that turns out to be not true. Foods myths are quite common and many people still seem to believe in many of them. Here are some of the facts about those common food myths.

Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes.

Many people have this common misconception that consuming too much sugar can cause diabetes. Although not entirely false, eating too much sugar in itself does not cause diabetes. Sugar may play a role in that it may contribute to weight gain. Excessive weight is what may increase the risk of a person developing diabetes.

Spicy foods boost metabolism.

This may not be entirely true. Body metabolism is mainly governed by one’s gender, body and weight composition as well as age. These factors may determine how much the body burns calories used for energy to maintain the proper bodily functions. Spicy foods may temporarily increase body temperature and heart rate. But it does not alter the metabolic rate in the long term.

Drinking water helps in weight loss.

Yes and no. Drinking water may help in weight loss if it prevents a person from eating less. Drinking water can make one feel full and tend to make one eat less. It may also help in weight loss if it becomes the substitute to high sugar beverages. But drinking water may not have any effect on weight loss if it does not change one’s excessive eating in any way.


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