Avoid These Actions That Can Ruin Your Diet

shutterstock_25042198Dieting is always a challenge for many people. Trying to lose weight this way takes proper discipline and some strong motivation. It also helps to avoid doing actions that can easily ruin your diet progress in any way. Here are some things to watch out for.

Losing On Sleep

Some people sleep less in order to do more during the day. But the consequence may be that it can contribute to your weight gain. When people lose sleep for a couple of hours a night, the body’s cortisol production increases the next day. This stress hormone plays a role in the accumulation of belly fat. Sleep loss may also make you prone to eating junk food since it can also affect the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain known to be responsible for self-control.

Morning Snack Habit

Eating snacks in the morning can also contribute to your weight gain. According to a study, people who avoided snacks between breakfast and lunch lost about five percent more weight in about a year when compared to people who eat morning snacks. Researchers say that because of the short time interval between breakfast and lunch times, there is actually no need for morning snacks. Most of the time, it may just be borne out of habit rather than feelings of hunger. If you follow the same lunch schedule day in and day out, you can forego morning snacks to help prevent it from affecting your weight loss regimen.

Eating Late Dinners

Like morning snacks, eating late dinners may also have an effect on your body’s ability to lose weight. A study indicates that mice fed with an early dinner and fasted for 16 hours end up slimmer than mice who ate the same number of calories but ate around the clock. Researchers believe that fasting for 16 hours at night helps condition the body to process food more efficiently.


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