Absurd Health Myths

Trying to stay healthy is always a challenge. Getting fit becomes harder sometimes due to the various health myths out there that many may feel as fact. It can get in the way of following healthier habits. And there are some absurd ones that just may be hard to know of whether they are true or not. Here are some of those absurd health myths.

Using colon detox products is safe.

This has become a common and popular practice for a number of people today. Many have grown to believe that such products can be used to flush out toxins that stay on the colon wall and believed to cause certain ailments. In fact, fecal matter and toxins do not stick into the colon wall. Furthermore, there is no evidence yet found on the effectiveness of colon cleansing products in getting rid of toxins. What experts say is that using such products regularly can even be considered dangerous.

Cracking knuckles can cause arthritis.

Studies show that there seems to be no evidence that cracking knuckles can cause arthritis. There seems to be no noticeable difference on the incidence of arthritis and osteoporosis between those who crack their knuckles and those who don’t.

Acai berries help you lose weight.

Acai berries have become quite a common subject used for online spamming. It has gone so far as to become quite a recognizable product despite of being an unknown type of fruit several years later. Some of the perceived benefits of using acai berries include being an effective product for weight loss.

But in truth, there is still no proof that acai berries may help you lose weight along with their other supposedly miraculous benefits. What the experts do know is that acai berries are high in antioxidants and contain healthy fats. They can be considered as a good nutritional supplement but does not have those miraculous benefits that its marketing tries to convince people.


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