Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids

child licking fingersWhen it comes to feeding small kids, parents should always try to keep in mind what type of foods to include in their child’s diet. It is essential that the food that kids eat are not only healthy and nutritious, but they should also be ideal to their age group. Younger kids may not always be ready to consume adult foods. In the same way, there are also certain foods that parents should try to avoid giving the kids. Here are some of them.

Don’t Serve Honey

While you might think that honey is a healthy alternative to sugar, it may not be as beneficial for younger kids. Honey contains a lot of bacteria that adult stomachs can take without feeling sick. But in the case of very young kids, their stomachs may not yet be fully developed to withstand certain bacteria. The same ones found in honey may cause kids to feel sick . Avoid giving kids honey until they reach two years of age.

Avoid Giving Fruit Juice Packs

When talking about fruit juices, most parents may think that giving it to their kids may be a good idea. After all, they are fruit and these juices may be a healthy alternative for kids to drink compared to soda. But that can be a mistake. Most fruit juices found in the supermarket aisles are mostly sugar, most especially those juices that are made for kids. These juices do have the same nutrients that kids can get from eating or personally preparing the fruit juices.

Prevent Kids From Eating Canned Tuna

While fish may be a healthy option to consider for kids to eat, make sure that you avoid feeding them canned tuna. Tuna and other fishes like king mackerel, swordfish,  tilefish and more are known to have high mercury content. Mercury can seriously affect the nervous system of kids. Try to avoid them for your kids and try to consider other ideal fish types for them.

Avoid Raw Milk

While milk in itself is quite healthy, it is not advisable to give kids fresh raw milk straight from the cow. While it may indeed contain more nutrients that pasteurized milk, raw milk may also contain certain bacteria that a child’s developing immune system may not yet be capable of fighting them. This can usually result in many food-borne illnesses. So to be on the safe side, avoid letting kids drink raw milk.



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