Common Foods Made For Kids To Avoid

Kid EatingThere are various foods in the market today that are especially targeted for kids’ consumption. Some of them are being marketed as being quite healthy for your kids, making them become more appealing for the parents to buy. But then, some of these kid foods may not be so healthy after all, especially if compared from the conventional products that they are made from. Here are some of them.

Kid’s Yogurt

Although yogurt is considered as a healthy food even for adults, many parents do not hesitate to buy kid versions of it thinking that it might provide the same health benefits. Although not all kid’s yogurt are bad, most of them do cater to the child’s taste by adding high fructose corn syrup into them. This increases its sugar content , making them quite a tasteful treat for kids but also less healthy. It would be better to buy wholesome real yogurt in order to get rid of the additives in most kid yogurt versions.

Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal may seem like a healthy meal for a kid’s breakfast, it is not that different to kid’s cereals that are known to have high sugar content. Most instant oatmeal products contain more sugar along with those that come with added flavors to make them more appealing.

Fish Sticks

Fish sticks may be considered by most parents as a healthy alternative for kid’s meals. But they actually are not. Most fish sticks are laden with fat and contain artificial ingredients. Not only that, fish sticks are usually battered and then fried when prepared and so may not be so healthy for kids to eat after all. Kids are better off eating grilled or baked fish instead.

Fruit Juice

With a wide variety of fruit juices for kids offering certain nutritional values as well as appealing images of fruits on their packages, many parents would automatically think that it would be good for their kids. But parents should be a ware that most fruit juices available in the market do not actually contain fresh fruits but only fruit juice concentrates. These juices are a little more than just sweetened water enhanced with vitamins. Your kids would be better off eating fresh fruit or drinking water.

Peanut Butter

Although peanut butter may actually be good for kids since they are a good source of protein and calories, not all of them are created equal. A number of peanut butter sold in the market may have high sugar content as well as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat. Parents should be aware of the peanut butter that they buy in stores and should look closely at the ingredients they contain. The best ones are those that feature only one or two main ingredients- peanuts and/or salt.

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