Wu-Yi Pixie Pack Fat Burning Tea

Wu-Yi Pixie PackTea drinking has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years, as this herbal drink has been linked with various health benefits and remedies. This includes claims that some teas, such as green tea, can help you lose weight because as it increases your metabolism.

However, dipping a tea bag on a pot of hot water can take quite a while for the tea leaves to seep. Meanwhile, bottled cold teas available in some areas do not have enough concentration that would make you lose the weight. This is why a new ready-to-drink tea is available in the market, which provides convenience and that weight-loss benefit many dieters would dream of having in just a sip.

The gist

Combining the health powers of black oolong and green tea extracts, the Wu-Yi Pixie Pack comes in easy-to-use powdered packets that you dissolve in water. These two teas have been recommended by many tea drinkers because they increase your metabolic rate, which helps you lose the excess weight.

Each packet of this fat-burning energy tea only contains seven calories and half the caffeine of a regular cola, along with other weight-loss enhancing ingredients like Citrimax, and vitamin B complex. Just dissolve on packet in water and drink the concoction throughout the day. The makers claim that consuming a month’s supply would be equivalent to drinking 30 cups of oolong tea and 20 cups of green tea.

Upon using Wu-Yi Pixie Packs, you may notice a decrease in hunger. The makers recommend that you do not exceed the recommended dosage, as well as avoid drinking the product three to four hours before going to bed because it might interrupt with your sleep patterns.

The Wu-Yi Pixie Pack is available online. A one-month supply of 30 packets costs US$69.87.


Like many tea products, the Wu-Yi Pixie Pack contains many powerful antioxidants. It is sugar-free and low in calories. The individual packets are also convenient and easy-to-use as it is only dissolved in water.


This concentrated powdered tea also contains caffeine, which not everyone is tolerant. Ordering your packets automatically enrolls you to its auto-shipment program. You should also bear in mind that any diet supplement provides a temporary solution to weight loss. Before taking this product, it is best to speak with your physician.

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