Weight Lifting and Diet Pills

Weight training has evolved over the years. Several years ago, people prefer to do activities that they enjoy than go to the gym.

These days however, the pattern has changed. You’d often see men and women pumping iron in the gym. Maybe they don’t enjoy the process of building their muscle, but they want to look good.

Because of this, many so-called expert trainers develop new weightlifting training ideas unfortunately they are still pretty much the same old weightlifting methods masquerading as new strength-training exercises.  A lot of people would try out these "new" methods, only to be disappointed. Experts explain that it is because all of us are different. Our bodies respond differently to workouts.

When this happens, strength trainers either quit or turn to look to things that could help them – like diet pills and supplements for instance.

However, some experts warn against taking diet pills and strength-training supplements.

Certified trainer and author of creator of Melt The Fat fitness program, Lynne VanDyke poses the following questions if you are considering taking – or are already taking – diet pills or supplements:

  • What happens when you stop taking these pills/drinks?
  • How much are these pills/drinks going to cost you?
  • Wouldn’t that money be better spent on a rock solid fat loss plan that you can use for life?
  • Are you certified or have a degree in fitness/nutrition and know all the intricacies of the body?
  • Do you know how each and every ingredient will affect your health now and down the road?

VanDyke recommends strength training without pills or supplements – just good old-fashioned workout + a balanced diet.

Experts advise to go into your workout "well nourished and hydrated." This way, you’ll have enough energy in your bloodstream and muscles to get an effective workout. Have a pre-workout snack that is high in carbs and some lean protein. Drink plenty of water even before you workout.

Drink a cup of water with each meal and snack. To make sure that your body has enough water when you train, drink 2-3 cups of water a 2-3 hours before your workout session. Drink an additional cup of water 10-20 minutes before you start.

Plan a post-workout snack that is rich in is carbs and protein. Eating carbs and protein within 30 minutes after your workout efficiently restores amino acids and carbs in the muscles. Do not forget to drink plenty of liquid. Drink two cups of water after you train to replace the fluids you lost during your routine.


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