Health Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is a flowering plant that has two different species. These varieties of chamomile are the Roman and the German. The Roman chamomile is very common in Great Britain. The German chamomile, on the other hand, is present in the rest of the world. Both have the same effects and are safe.

Chamomiles are known for its lack of any side effects as well as its remedial properties. It can be used as a relaxant and a cure for several ailments and diseases. With mild anti-depressant properties, it can be used in relieving stress and anxiety.

Active ingredients

Since chamomile is a flower it has volatile oils. These oils are called the essential oils and flavonoids. In soothing irritated skin, the essential oils are the most effective as it has been proven to be a good reliever. These can also be used against acne.

The flavonoids act as the anti-oxidant. It helps in preventing the effects of aging and other degenerative changes in the body caused by free radicals. Essential oils are present in cosmetic products. If you are going to choose cosmetics with chamomile in it, go for the one which has a higher concentration.

Cumulative effects

Used for cumulative treatments, chamomiles are used for long-term treatments. This means that once treatment starts, that treatment has to be done until the condition of the person goes from good to better. Having no unwanted effects, consuming it for a long period of time poses no problem at all.

Muscle relaxant

Chamomile as a muscle relaxant comes either in tablets or creams. These are available as supplements. On the other hand, you can gather or buy fresh chamomile flowers and brew your own tea. It can be used in relieving menstrual cramps or other muscle ailments. Whether you opt for tea or tablet, two to three cups or dosages will suffice.

Skin healer

If you or someone in the family is suffering from allergies, burns or other ailments, chamomile can be used to ease the pain. Specifically, in using chamomile to treat burns, do not use cream since it only traps the heat and causes more irritation. You can use chamomile tea that has been cooled.

Having mild sedative properties, it can also be used to counter insomnia. Chamomile is possibly the best herbal remedy out there as it is not only good in curing physical ailments but also mental conditions like depression and anxiety.


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