Benefits of Bitter Melon Supplements

Bitter melon or bitter gourd is a widely grown edible vegetable known for its highly bitter taste. It is known as a native vine plant in the tropics and is known for its fruit having a distinctly oblong shape with a warty looking exterior. Only recently has this vegetable being popularly known as a good health supplement that may provide a number of benefits.

Although bitter melon supplements have just recently gained some attention due to its health benefits, the vegetable has already been long used as a medicinal plant especially in the Asian region. Aside from providing the body with essential nutrients by adding it to the daily diet, bitter melon supplements have been made available due to its medicinal properties. And just like most bitter tasting vegetables, bitter melon has been used as a digestion stimulant which can benefit people having a sluggish digestion or constipation.

Bitter melon supplements have become the alternative for some people in trying to regulate their blood sugar levels. Bitter melon has been known to have a lowering effect to a person’s blood sugar levels. This supplement makes it useful for many diabetics who have to control their blood sugar levels on a daily basis.

Bitter melon has also been known to help prevent or treat malaria in many tropical countries. Scientists have discovered that there are certain species of the vegetable that might have anti-malarial properties. Bitter melon, because of its history of being used to treat a host of infections, have also been eyed as a possible remedy for the HIV virus. Bitter melon may contain certain powerful compounds that may help treat HIV infection. But since these compounds can be found in the form of proteins, it seems that oral intake of the vegetable may not at all have an effect on a person infected with HIV.

But what researchers have found about bitter melon is that it seems to show promise as an immuno-modulator. Some tests have shown that compounds in bitter gourd may be able to aid or even improve immune cell function in the body that may help patients suffering from certain cancers and other infections. But further tests might be needed in order to verify this fact.

Although bitter melon has shown some substantial health benefits, people should not be using it as the primary or only treatment for what ails them. And there are cases that some people might also avoid from taking bitter melon supplements. Pregnant women are advised not to take bitter melon supplements since the plant is known to cause uterine contractions. Bitter melon supplements should also not be used by people suffering from hypoglycemia since it is known to lower blood sugar levels.

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