Aloe Vera, Miracle Herb of Health

aloe veraAloe Barbadensis, Medicinal Aloe or Aloe Vera is a plant that belongs to the kind of succulent plant. It is short-stemmed growing from only sixty to one-hundred centimeters tall. Its leaves shape is of lanceolate. It is fleshy, thick, green and has and upper and lower surfaces of leaf. The flowers of this plant are more often than not produced mainly every summer. The flower is attached in a tubular yellow corolla which stands up to ninety centimeters long.

The plant aside from aloe gel contains several biologically active compounds such as lectins, anthraquinnones, anthraquinnones c-glycosides, anthrones, polymannans and acetylated mannans. Aside from the said compounds the herb also contains twenty minerals including (zinc, chromium, selenium, magnesium, calcium), twenty amino acids which is very much imperative with the body, two hundred active enzymes, components and polysaccharides, and lastly twelve vitamins such as folic acid, a, b, c and e.

Due also to the number of substances related to the plant is why its medical use is very much wide. The herb can cure the simplest of all allergies, skin infections, wounds and even to the most serious health problems.

The plant’s components has been used to cure cutaneous inflammations, muscle strains, gingivitis, obesity, constipations, intestinal inflammations, pharyngitis, bronchitis, arthrosis and asthma. With regard to the cases of depression, deficiency illness, insomnia and anemia the herb as also been proved of use and most especially to chemotherapy, diabetes, pancreatitis and hepatitis.

Aloe Vera originated from the Northern part of Africa. It is still unknown as to when exactly was the plants medical application discovered. Nonetheless, the plant has been used for creating herbal medicine for centuries. It was mentioned in the New Testament at John 19:39 to 40, appeared in the Ebers Papyrus and in the Dioscorides.

The Chinese call it as ‘the harmonious remedy,’ the Russians refer to it as ‘the elixir of youth’ and the Egyptians labeled it as ‘the herb or immortality.’ Truly, the Aloe Vera has proved to be one of the most effective herb in the world.


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