Surprising Causes Of Bad Breath

hBad breath can be a lingering problem for many people. It can be caused by a variety of factors. Some are common enough that people can easily identify them and avoid them. But there are other surprising causes of bad breath that not all people are aware of. Here are some of them.


The underlying cause of most bad breath is bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria that reside in the mouth and gums usually feed on the food particles and create gases that cause the bad breath. They usually multiply at night when the salivary glands work slowly. Saliva helps contain these bacteria. There are also certain bacterial strains that cause bad breath present in some people, making them more prone to halitosis.

Respiratory Tract Infection

A respiratory tract infection can also cause bad breath. Bronchitis, sinusitis and even a cold are caused by viral or bacterial infections that can break down tissue and cause the flow of cells and mucus. Bacteria in the mouth and gums can feed on them and create gases that cause your mouth to stink.


Drinking alcohol can cause your mouth to dry out. With no saliva, bad breath-causing bacteria can multiply quicker and produce those noxious sulfur compounds as they eat and cause your breath to stink.

Eating Meat

While eating meat, or protein in general, will not cause you bad breath, eating too much of it will. Too much protein in the body may cause the body to break it down into carbohydrates. This process causes the body to produce ammonia as a byproduct that can escape through the mouth when you exhale.

Breathe Mints

Although they are advertised to help you get rid of bad breath, they can also make it worse. Breath mints only last until the menthol that hides the bad breath wears off. Most breath mints contain sugar, which is food for the bad breath-causing bacteria residing in the mouth and gums. This can result in bacteria producing more noxious sulfur compounds that can worsen your bad breath. A better option is to take only sugar-free breath mints. They also work by masking your bad breath. But they do not make it worse since they do not contain sugar.


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