Western Diet Raises Heart Risks

Globalization is the result of a global phenomenon where the first-world countries play a major influence in the lives of those who live in the third-world countries. This phenomenon has made a huge difference in the lives of many. Unfortunately, fashion and technology trends are not the only trends that the first-world countries have set. Unfortunately, an unhealthy diet is also among these.

Dr. Salim Yusuf and his colleagues from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, examined dietary trends among more than 16,000 participants in 52 countries. The study categorized 3 eating patterns: Western, Oriental, and prudent. Participants answered written questions and were interviewed  about their consumption of 19 food categories,

The oriental diet is a diet that consists in high intake of tofu and soy.  This diet showed no relationship to heart attacks.

The Western diet is a diet that consists mostly of salty snacks, fatty foods, and desserts. This diet has become a fad that is being followed by many people. Consequently, these people are also at risk of having heart problems because of the diet they prefer.

Heart attack is still the leading cause of death on a global scale. This is due to the fact that people all over the world seem to favor the Western Diet as opposed to the "Prudent Diet", the type of the diet that consists mostly of fruits and vegetables.  

Common health problems that are associated with the Western Diet are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Gallstones
  • Salmonellosis
  • Osteoporosis

Due to the health risks that the Western Diet brings, it is important to look into our eating habits so that we can shake off traces of the Western Diet in our eating patterns. Otherwise, we are putting ourselves at risk of begetting irreversible health problems that just might cause us our lives.

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