The Truth Behind Food Myths

peanut butterPeople generally hold common misconceptions about certain foods, but the notions that have been inculcated on their minds are not of their own doing; they actually get a lot of help from the so-called diet experts.

For the longest time, diet and nutrition experts have reiterated the classic foods that bring harmful effects to our health. Peanut butter, eggs, coffee and avocado are among those that rank the highest on the experts’ forbidden foods list.

According to past studies, these foods are generally bad for our health because they contain too much fat and cholesterol while offering few essential nutrients. While the previous findings are not untrue, more advanced and updated research has discovered other new breakthroughs about these foods.


The researchers found out that peanuts, the main ingredient of peanut butter, can lower the risk of coronary heart disease. In fact, peanuts promote lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

The experts veto the idea that peanut butter hampers a dieters’ weight management plan. Contrary to that belief, the researchers say that peanut butter hinder weight management but aids in weight loss because it keeps the weight watcher from getting hungry easily.


Eggs are now perceived as a healthy food option, too. In the past, eating too many eggs was taboo for dieters because common knowledge asserts that eggs had high dietary cholesterol. While this finding is valid, new-found facts delve on the fact that eggs contain antioxidants that are ideal in preventing blindness.


Coffee is also being studied by experts because apparently, drinking coffee can help aid in good memory for older adults. Moreover, it was discovered that coffee can improve hand-to-eye coordination; it can also lessen the risks for the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.


Common belief is that avocados have high amounts of cholesterol, and so it should have no room in your plate. However, studies show that avocados contain certain compounds that also ward off cancer cells. So, are you ready now for some guacamole again?

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