Surprising Foods That Cause Weight Gain

shutterstock_167573723People who wish to stay fit will do something in order to maintain a healthy weight. They are careful to watch what they eat and perform activities that help them stay fit. Sometimes it is what people do not know that come back to haunt them. In the case of food, here are some that may surprisingly cause people to gain weight.

Low-Fat Food
Many people tend to think that low-fat food can help them lose weight. But because of the “Low Fat” impression it provides, people tend to eat more of it. This is regardless of how many calories they may contain. When this happens, people will realize that the weight they ought to lose can come back. Sometimes, it will even cause them to gain weight.

Fresh Juice
Although juicing may seem like a healthy habit to have, it may not actually help you lose weight. It only will if you substitute juice with some food you are currently eating. But most people do not. Even then, people will benefit better if they eat whole fruits and vegetables rather than converting it to juice. Whole fruits and vegetables provide volume and fiber that will be more effective in letting you lose weight.

Diet Soda
The body tends to react to whatever food that we eat. Whenever we eat something sweet, the body expects to get some calories. But in the case of diet sodas, with artificial and natural sweeteners do not contain the calories the body expects. It reacts by slowing body metabolism, begin to store fat and then respond poorly to the hormone insulin. It is because of this that artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain instead of the other way around.

Granola Bars
Nuts, oats and seeds by themselves are considered healthy. But when they are dipped in oil and coated with sugar, they begin to add in calories. While granola bars may have healthy properties, the added calories can make them be a cause for weight gain.


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