Stomach-Filling Foods to Consider When You’re on a Diet

Bowl of PopcornPeople going on a diet may think that they need to restrict what they eat most of the time. But this is not always the best case to follow. Diet restrictions can sometimes lead to frustration and eventually surrender. If you rob yourself of satisfaction every time you eat in the name of dieting, then it will surely end up in failure. You won’t go far with any diet program if you follow it this way. What you can do instead is find ways to have your fill when you eat and still consider it to be within the bounds of your dieting. This includes finding healthy stomach-filling foods to add to your diet. Here are some examples that you may want to consider.

Eggs for Breakfast

Some people may consider eggs to be a diet no-no. But leaving something considered as a “perfect food” out of your diet can be more of a mistake than anything else. Eggs are considered to be complete protein food. They contain all the nine essential amino acids that the body itself cannot produce. These amino acids aid in the release of hormones that help to suppress one’s appetite. An average egg also contains essential vitamins and minerals the body needs body only has 70 calories. You only need to consider what you eat together with eggs for your breakfast.

Potatoes for Carbs

Some may consider potatoes fattening and therefore exclude them from the daily diet. But it is what you eat with potatoes and how you prepare it that may be the culprit. In itself, potatoes can be quite filling and can provide you with your daily fiber requirements. Just make sure that you look out for what you eat with it. Instead of using sour cream or butter for toppings, consider using herbs or spices with your daily potato. You can also consider eating sweet potatoes as another healthy alternative.

Fish for Protein

If you wish to feel satisfied while eating less, you might consider eating more protein. Protein is known to help you get that feeling of being full. But you must consider the source of your protein. Consider eating more fish such as salmon for your protein needs. Not only are they healthier with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart, a small portion packs quite a lot of protein. A three-ounce salmon comes with 17.5 grams of protein at just 122 calories. That will be enough to help you get through your cravings to eat more food during the rest of the day.

Popcorn for Snacks

If you are craving for a snack, do not try to restrict yourself.  You can consider munching on a bowl of popcorn to help get you through. Popcorn can be a healthier option for snacks if you are careful with what comes with it. Plain popcorn works best without the butter or a little less of the salt. Popcorn can be quite filling and a big bowl of it can make you think that you are eating more that you actually should. That can trick your mind to ease your cravings. A better option that you can try is eating your popcorn by adding spices to it rather than butter or sodium. Spices like  red pepper can also help curb your cravings and even help you burn more calories along the way.


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