So-Called Healthy Snacks That Are Actually Not

With more and more people aiming to keep and stay healthy, the market now has provided consumers with a lot of healthy food options. This also includes a variety of healthy snacks that are now available in the market. But health-conscious consumers should still be aware that not all so-called healthy snacks in the supermarket are, in fact, really that healthy for you. Here are some of the possible choices that you might encounter.

Energy Bars

Eating energy bars for snacks may seem a healthy choice. But not all energy bars may be considered that healthy. Some may contain too much sugar and calories to be considered as healthy snacks. Some energy bars may just be candy that is given a glorified name. An ideal energy bar for a healthy snack is one that contains no more than 150 calories and should have less than 15 grams of sugar and 2 grams of saturated fat.

Vitamin Drinks

What could be a better complement to a healthy snack than a vitamin or sports drink? Despite such drinks containing vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs, they may not be as healthy an option as you think they might be. One reason is that sweetened sports drinks are considered as high sugar beverages. Some drinks may even go over the recommended daily sugar intake that you need.

Granola Cereals And Bars

Just by the sound of it, granola may be considered as a healthy option. But in reality, granola cereals and bars actually may contain too much sugar with very little fiber. It can be far from being called a healthy snack option. Granola can have so much sugar that a cup can have as much as 600 calories.


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