Repairing Injuries with Nutrition

Exercising injuries can be one of the best ways that will help them to bring injured tissues to its optimal health. True enough, injuries can incapacitate and may hinder us from doing things, especially the active ones. But nutritional therapy may just provide us what we need to treat our injuries.

Eat foods rich in protein like fish, poultry, eggs, lean beef, cottage cheese among others to offset muscle breakdown. Intake is best at 1.5-2 kilograms.

Go for foods that are rich in carbohydrates as well as it will increase calories in the body. However, if weight is of an issue, avoid them after one or two weeks. Examples of carbohydrate-rich foods are vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grains, beans and oats.

Fats help alleviate inflammation because of Omega 3. Therefore, it is best that you include foods like certain fishes like salmon, mackerel, herring, nuts, avocados and olive oil.

Add foods rich in Vitamin A and C, and Zinc in your diet.

Vitamin A provides cell growth and boosts the immune system. Such foods rich in this kind of vitamin are liver, carrots, mango, sweet potatoes, spinach and red papaya.

Vitamin C, facilitate collagen formation, increased immune system and enzyme activity. Broccoli, red peppers, cantaloupes, cabbage and strawberries are Vitamin C-rich foods.

Foods like meat, seafood, almonds and sunflower seeds are sources if zinc. This is best for wound healing and enzyme reactions.

Foods that aid faster recovery are salmon, apples, almonds, olive oil, curry, broccoli, garlic, papaya, grass fed beef. Ranging from Omega 3s and proteins to vitamins and minerals, each of these have their own reasons why an injured person has to include them in his or her diet.


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