Reasons to Eat Local Foods

local foodAre you aware that the food you eat from the local supermarkets have traveled some 1,500 to 2,500 miles before reaching your table? Imagine how much preservatives were used to maintain the so-called freshness of such food.

But then again, even with the preservatives used to keep such food from spoiling, they may already seem stale and limp to your taste buds. They pale in comparison to locally grown food or local food, which is food that you grow and/or purchase near your home.

Benefits of Local Foods

More and more people are switching to locally grown food such as fruits and vegetables and locally grown meat. Here’s why:

Local foods have more health benefits because they do not have to be delivered to the supermarket before you can purchase them.

Patronizing local food helps reduce global warming because it saves on gasoline for food transportation.

Local food can cut your food costs because they are directly bought from small farmers. The absence of a "middleman" makes these foods less expensive.

Local foods are also healthier options than those that are available in the supermarkets because its nutritive values are maintained at its peak when it is fresh.

Local Foods and Organic Foods

Local foods and organic foods are often interchanged; however, it is important to note that there is a marked difference between the two. Organic foods are foods that are grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

Meanwhile, local foods are foods that are grown near your area of residence. While these two concepts are different, nutrition experts generally advise that it is best to get local food that are organically grown because this is the best combination in food.

With all the diseases and health problems that continue to plague us, it is imperative to look out for the best means to up the quality of our health.

This is parallel with eating right and doing away with the sedentary lifestyle. By eating right, we should not only choose the right foods. Rather, we should also see to it that the food we choose to eat is fresh–which is why we should eat local food.

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