Little Known Healthy Foods

There are quite a variety of foods that one can eat from a round the world. For the healthy food buff, there are also quite a number of them out there that may just be quite a good addition to any healthy diet. Here are some of those examples.


Kimchi is a Korean delicacy made out of fermented cabbage. A staple for most Koreans who eat it almost with every meal, Kimchi is known to be packed with vitamins and phytochemicals that help boost immunity. It also contains lactic acid which might aid in digestion. Kimchi is also known to be rich in fiber and low on calories.

Pickled Herring

Pickled herring is popular and common in Russia as well as in most parts of Europe. It is usually made by curing the herring with salt to remove the moisture and then adding vinegar, spices and other ingredients for flavoring. Pickled herring is a good source of calcium as well as EPA and DHA.

Greek Yogurt

Known locally as yiaourti in Greece, this is a thicker and creamier type of yogurt because it is made with the whey being strained away. Greek yogurt is also known to contain probiotic cultures, has twice the amount of protein and lower in carbohydrates as compared to regular yogurt. It is also low in lactose, making it a good alternative for people who are lactose-intolerant.

Flax Seeds

Flax seed is one of the very few plants out there known to be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They can be a good substitute for a diet that may lack the inclusion of fish in some days. They can either be eaten roasted or mixed with other foods such as oatmeal and cereals to give them a nutty flavor.



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