Healthy Diet on the Weekends

People tend to eat a healthy diet Monday through Friday, but on the weekends, it’s no holds barred.

Because people work hard all week, they are ready for some relaxation. They start with cocktails and junk food Friday night with friends.

What they are not aware is that they just ruin a week of eating healthy. Then the guilt sets in. They get back on their routine diet on Monday, feeling bad.

There are tips that you can follow to keep the same healthy routine:

Plan what you will eat ahead

Instead of stuffing your refrigerator with a bunch of food high in calorie, load it with vegetables and fruits. Whole grain crackers along with cheese can provide you the balanced diet you need.

Remember not to skip breakfast

According to studies, people; especially children perform well rather than those who do not eat breakfast. Good examples of a nutritious breakfast are eggs, whole-wheat cereal, low-fat milk, toasted wheat bread with peanut butter.

As much as possible, always look at your food diary daily

The best thing to start your day with regard to the food you eat is keeping track of what you eat. In here, it is best that you keep a food diary or consult the Calorie Count Plus. That will make you aware of what you will be eating-or have eaten-for the day.

Give yourself a treat sometimes

Going strictly on a diet for and depriving yourself with a scoop of ice cream or a bar of dark chocolate can break you down. Allow yourself the pleasure to enjoy the smallest of the temptation that life itself has to offer.

Include in your regimen a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low in calorie, and high in fiber. Of course, the more important of the two is fiber as it will always keep you full.

Do not frequent restaurants

Restaurants tend to serve large portions of food. Take only soup and the appetizer that goes with it. If large portions are served, take them home with you.

Eat before going for the shopping mall

Usually, shopping with an empty stomach ends with eating at a food chain in the shopping mall. As they basically serve food relatively unhealthy compared with the routine diet you have for yourself, your day will only end with you ruining your eating regimen.

Get a daily dose of exercise

Taking a walk, for example, will not only burn those unwanted calories, it will also improve your state of mind and take you away from your cravings.

Having a healthy diet might not only help you become fit, it may also help you stay healthy.

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