Health Benefits of Soy Milk

soy milkSoy milk has been a very popular alternative for people who cannot drink cow’s milk, usually because of lactose intolerance. However, more and more people are realizing the added health benefits that soy milk can provide.

Although the benefits from soy milk are being disputed, it is generally accepted that soy contains a high number of very healthy compounds. Soy milk has high amounts of protein, and because it is made from beans, it has more fiber than cow’s milk. Here are the other added benefits that you get from soy milk.

Isoflavones – Aside from extra protein and fiber, the biggest benefit you get from soy milk are the isoflavones, which are chemicals that are similar to the hormone estrogen. Isoflavones has a lot of health benefits, the most popular ones being the prevention of many cancers, heart diseases, and osteoporosis.

More fat, but less cholesterol – Although soy milk comes from the soy bean, it does have a little bit more fat compared to 2% cow’s milk. However, soy milk does not have any of that nasty cholesterol that cow’s milk have.

Lack of calcium – The biggest downfall for soy milk is that it actually lack calcium, which cow’s milk is very much rich in. Many soy milk manufacturers actually add calcium into their products, but studies show that it is not as beneficial as naturally-occurring calcium. If you are lactose intolerant, you can get your calcium from other sources such as sardines, almonds, and several varieties of green leafy vegetables.


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