Health Benefits of Eggs

eggsFor the longest time, eggs were believed to have negative effects on the health of individuals. That’s what health experts have led us to believe. But as discoveries on the benefits that eggs may bring to our health arise, so does our attitude toward eggs begin to change.

Even when we were still young, we were already warned against the bad effects of eating too much eggs. In fact, egg consumption is normally limited to two or three a week because it was previously thought that eggs raised blood cholesterol levels, one of the main causes of heart disease.

So what’s the deal with eggs? Are they good or bad for our overall health?

A lot of misconceptions have been going on about eggs. But myth or no myth, no one can change the fact that eggs are delicious and versatile. Plus, it is also very inexpensive. The good news is, eggs are also quite nutritious. It is loaded with a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals.

Here are a rundown of the nutrients that an egg has:


Vit. A– for skin nourishment

Vit D– for calcium absorption

Vit E– for cell protection

B1– for the proper release of energy from carbohydrates

B2– for the proper release of energy from protein and fat

B6– for the metabolism of protein

B12– for the healthy formation of nerve fibers and blood cells


Iron– for the healthy creation of red blood cells

Zinc– for enzyme stability and sexual maturation

Calcium– for the strength of the bones and the teeth

Iodine– for the control of thyroid hormones

Now that you have an idea how many nutrients are present in an egg, would you still choose to avoid eating it? Eggs may contain some elements that will not work best for our health, but it also has loads of nutrients that we can benefit much from. The key there is to eat eggs in moderation.


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