Fall Diet Spoilers

Fall is a season when most people’s weight-loss efforts go awry. And it’s not for lack of trying. There are simply too many opportunities to eat rich foods during autumn – football games, hayrides and fireside meals. To help you avoid this, we’ve listed some of fall’s most fattening foods:

Game day foods

Game-day foods such as ribs, wings, hotdogs, pizza, and beer are to blame for many ruined diets. Fall is also a time when many people – sports fans mostly – become less active and spend more hours on the couch every week watching games. To help you overcome this, you can:

  • Do push-ups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks during halftime or commercials
  • Watch the game while you ride your stationary bike
  • Serve veggies and low-fat dip as part of our spread

Oktoberfest foods

Just like game-day foods, Oktoberfest foods are high in calories. Examples include sausages, potato salad and of course, beer.

To avoid weight gain, eat smaller portions and decide how many bottles of beer you’ll have beforehand and alternate them with nonalcoholic drinks. You can also opt for a light beer – a regular beer has 150 calories, and a light beer has 40 less calories than that.

Cream soups and stews

Cream based soups and warm stews that are loaded with meat or cheese are also loaded with calories. Serving them in a bread bowl or atop rice or noodles adds even more calories. Opt for broth- or vegetable-based and stews to fill you up instead. They are just as hearty, but rack up fewer calories.

Seasonal beverages

Fall is also the time for deliciously warm drinks like hot chocolate, eggnog, apple cider, or refreshing sub-zero beers. Homemade hot cocoa has 190 calories; an 8-oz. cup of eggnogs has a whooping 340 calories; while a bottle of beer has 150 calories.

Skip on all those calories by opting for a hot cup of green or flavored tea. Not only is it packed with antioxidants, it is also calorie-free.

Limit yourself to one or two bottles of beer. Or better yet, opt for light beer, or wine spritzers.

Caramel apples

What is fall without caramel apples? Unfortunately, these popular fall snacks pack as 500 calories. To cut back on the calories yet still enjoy the taste of this delicious treat, eat small apple slices along with a small container of low-fat caramel dip.

Source: WebMD

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