Essential Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Many people today may have a problem with their cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels in the blood can cause fatty deposits to develop in your arteries. This can result in smaller pathways for blood to circulate. High cholesterol levels can be a result of inherited genes, your lifestyle as well as your diet. Among them, you can have control over your lifestyle as well as what foods you eat to help lower or maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Here are some food types that are known to help lower your blood cholesterol over time.


Eating oatmeal regularly can help you lower your cholesterol levels. Having a bowl of oatmeal daily can provide you with around one to two grams of soluble fiber in your diet, which aids in lowering your cholesterol levels.


Adding beans into your regular diet can also help you bring down your cholesterol levels. Just like oats, they are a good source of soluble fiber. Not only that, it takes time for the body to digest the beans that you consume, making you feel full longer. Because of this, it is also an ideal for losing weight. There are many types of beans that can provide you with this benefit, with many different ways to prepare them. This makes them quite versatile component into your diet.


Eating nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts can also help you lower your cholesterol levels. They can lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels in your blood if you have them as part of your regular diet. About two ounces of nuts daily can be enough to give you this benefit. Not only that, nuts can also have additional nutrients that can help protect your heart as well.

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